Looking for a new microwave and a new oven? Why have not have both in one convenient appliance? Spectrum Services has the perfect solution in the Baumatic 46 cm (High) Compact Combination Microwave Oven. Not only is this great appliance bursting with amazing features but it saves precious space allowing more storage options.

Here are its’ list of features:

Full Grill

Just your normal grilling method. It cooks the food by directing heat directly onto it. Suitable for grilling sausages, bacon, steak, fish, etc.

Easy Programming

This function allows you to set a time for your oven to turn on and off, this means you don’t need to be around to start or finish the cooking process, just turn up and eat.

Microwave with grill

This function allows quick cooking and browning, as the microwave cooks the food while the grill roasts and browns it.

Microwave and circular element with fan and lower element

Combines the speed of microwave cooking with circular fan cooking to allow you to cook separate foods on different shelves simultaneously. The lower element then crisps the bottom of the dish.

Microwave and grill with fan

Uses the microwave to cook your food, then uses the grill for browning. The fan helps seal in the juices and locks in great flavours. Perfect for steaks and hamburgers.

Microwave and circular element with fan

Combines the speed you get from cooking in a microwave with the ability to cook multiple food simultaneously on different shelve you receive from the circular element and fan. Ideal for roasting food quickly. 


Food can be thawed, warmed up, or cooked using just microwave cooking. Mainly used to cook and re-heat vegetables, potatoes, rice, fish and meat.

Fan & Grill

Suitable for browning where required. It is also suitable for sealing in the juices making it perfect for steaks, hamburgers and some vegetables.

Circular Element with Fan

A faster and more economical operation. Cooking with the fan on allows different kinds of food to be cooked simultaneously on different shelves, preventing the transmission of smells and tastes from one dish onto another.

Safety Lock

A Safety Lock is designed to ensure that the control panel of an appliance cannot be accidentally changed during operation.

This is the ideal new microwave oven for a chic, busy household, with little time to spend cooking. Visit Spectrum Services website to contact us about our prices.