We put two of the leading robotic vacuum cleaners head to head.

Samsung VR9000 VS Miele RX1 Scout

The future is here – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners cannot be ignored, so here at Spectrum Services of Stoke, we take two of the most advanced and affordable models and put them up against each other in a head to head comparison at our appliances store in Tunstall.

Weighing in:

Miele RX 1 Scout:
This lightweight character in black and silver has a volume capacity of 0.6 litres, has a 22 watt power rating and an operating radius of 150 meters.

Spectrum Services Robot Vacuum Stoke

Samsung VR9000:

Boasting a slightly larger 0.7 capacity and 30 watts of power, the Samsung would appear to be the heavyweight in the Tussle in Tunstall, but with a slightly higher price tag, the eventual winner could be down to personal preference.

Round 1:

The gloves are off, in this battle of the robotic vacuums and the Samsung VR9000 is off to a good start with it’s cyclonic system, it is more powerful than the Miele – however the RX1 is a nimble little character and much better a getting to those difficult to reach areas than the more cumbersome VR9000.

Round 2:

The Miele’s 0.6 capacity is marginally less than the Samsung’s and although it can run for a longer amount of time without recharging, the did need emptying before the VR9000. The Scout ran for over an hour and a half before heading back to it’s charging station, where the Samsung’s performance was slightly just below this.

Round 3:
The Miele’s agility and lower price shook Samsung slightly, but feature packed operation and cyclonic cleaning matched the RX1 blow for blow. We personally prefer the look of the Samsung, but this again is a personal thing – the Miele has by no means fell from the ugly tree and can look quite cute trundling along with little brush feet picking up as it goes.

Round 4:

The Samsung beats the Miele on navigation technology with more options to find its way around your room, but as mentioned previously the little RX1 is better at getting to the nooks and crannies and is arguably the better cleaner in that respect. However, neither of these machines are intended as a traditional vacuum cleaner replacement, more of an assistant to your existing appliance.

The Verdict:

So who came out on top of the Battle of Robots? As you can possibly imagine, it’s a close call. We think the Miele, might’ve just edged the title of ‘Stoke Robotic Cleaning Champion’ purely on agility and price, but if you’re prepared to pay the extra, the Samsung in no slouch and well worth further investigation. The VR9000 is a quality piece of kit and (as are both machines) designed to compliment your existing set up rather than replace it. Its looks are superb and it was the first robot vacuum to offer cyclonic cleaning, it’s definitely someone you’d want on your side in the cleaning fight. However, we really love the agile Miele RX1 – it’s a cute little fellow that’s got your back, freeing you up to do other things. It’s going to be down to personal choice at the end of the day as both robots are pretty good at what they do.